Sennelier's Abstract Acrylic Ink: a versatile acrylic ink for beautiful color transitions.

The Abstract acrylic ink from the Sennelier range represents an ink with extremely fluid colors, made from very fine pigments guaranteeing opacity and consistency superior to watercolor inks.The acrylic color ink is applied with the help of a brush, or with an airbrush.This last method makes it possible to draw intense and thick lines, ideal for defining certain very precise profiles of the model.
Do you want to produce striking works with colored ink?
Well, the Abstract acrylic ink from the Sennelier range responds to spectacular color contrasts and is suitable for naturally very colorful models.
With 43 shades of color available, Sennelier's Abstract acrylic ink represents a set of mono-pigment colors.
Amateur, beginner and professional painters will appreciate the properties of the Sennelier line Abstract acrylic ink.

Sennelier Acrylic Ink 30ml