110193 Harder & Steenbeck Holder in Moduletechnology for all brands of airbrushes

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Beautifull concept, very stable, extendable.

Basic Module for 2 airbrushes type Evolution, Infinity, Grafo, Hansa, Badger, Richpen, Olympos, Iwata and other brands.

For Colani : insert 110251 required.

Connects to compressor with complete airbrushhose for Evolution, Grafo, Colani.

Each airbrush connects to the module holder with airhose 110273. Basic module requires 2 such hoses - one for each airbrush. This hose is to be screwed into underside of the module holder.

For more than 2 airbrushes : order extension module 110203 - provided with in insert that accepts Evolution, Grafo, Hansa and most other airbrushes.