Sennelier Acryl Modeling Paste Pack 120 ml

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Sennelier Acrylic Modelling Paste is a thick white paste enabling impasto techniques and relief painting.
It holds peaks and marks and keeps a perfect imprint of the created relief while offering great suppleness to the film.
It can be applied as it is or tinted by pre-mixing with Sennelier Acrylic Colours.
When mixed, the original tone of the Sennelier acrylic colour will be slightly lighter.
When drying it produces a very fine granular off-white surface, which can be painted, sanded or sculpted.
It is water soluble, rapid drying and water resistant when dry.
Sennelier Acrylic Mediums are the perfect companion to your Sennelier Abstract Acrylic paints.
Packaged in the same innovative pouch, these mediums can be easily resealed meaning they won't dry out and there will be no waste.