Stencil Cutter with very fine tip

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220 V, 14 Watt ( with EURO plug ) with very fine cuttingpoint to cut PVC , polyester etc.. Very convenient to cut  stencils for airbrush , decorative painting techniques and glass etching.

Comes with manual and tool standard.
Spare tip availiable separately.

Stencil Cutter :




·          Use your Art Tech Stencil Cutter on a heat resistant support : a glassplate, a metal plate, a ceramic tile.

·          Never cut on a plastic or wood support  : these could melt or be damaged.

·          Hold the cutter like a pen : the extension cord should lay between your thumb and forefinger running over the back of your hand.

·          The side of your handpalm rests on the surface just like writing a letter.

·          Place your fingers only on the yellow plastic parts; all metal parts becoming hot : up to 390°C.

·          The cutting point has to be directed vertically towards the material you want to cut.

·          In principal the cutting point has to be torn through the material ; the thickness of it dictates the speed of cutting. Excessive force may damage the cutting point.

·          The cutting is done by melting and no by pressure.

·          Never put excessive force on the cutter; no scratching noises may be heard during cutting. The mallory point could be damaged.

·          After plugging the cutter into the mains it takes 5 minutes to heat up to the normal operating temperature.

·          In between cutting the cutter can be placed onto a ceramic plate, a dish etc... or onto the special deisgned metallic support that is available separately.

·          Spare cutting point are available separately.

·          When the work is finished let the cutter cool down completely before putting it away.

·          Following materials up to 0.5 mm thickness can be cut with the stencil cutter :

-          polyesterfoils

-          polyethylene foils

-          PVC foilis ( transparants for overhead projection)

-          Mylar foils

·          Following materials can not be cut with the stencil cutter :

-          paper

-          calqing paper

-          cardboard

-          all non-plastics.