Mixing paint


Pigmentbox with 27 mini-jars 4.2 ml


Pigmentbox with 32 mini-jars 7.5 ml - empty


Pin miniature fan brush www.obeeliks.com


Glass Muller with handle, dia 35 mm h 40 mm


Glass Muller with handle, dia 50 mm h 60 mm


Glass Muller with handle, diameter 50 mm height 115 mm extra large handle


Glass Muller with handle, dia 75 mm h 90 mm


Glass Muller with handle, dia 100 mm h 130 mm


Glassplate matt polished surface 20 x 30 cm 10 mm thick


Porcelain mortar


Leonard black liquid soap for optimum brushcare 300 ml


Leonard Clean Mat - cleaning mat for artist brushes


Winsor&Newton Tear-Off mixingpalette for oil and acrylics 24 cm x 37 cm, 50 sheets


Winsor & Newton Artists' Picture Cleaner 250 ml


Paint Mixing Cups with 5 sloping pans and 5 cups


Mixingpalet in plastic - oval


Palet box Paletti 1


Palet box Paletti 2


Set of 2 palets for acrylics


Plastic palette - rectangular - 25x32cm


Plastic palette - rectangular - 34.5 x 23.5 cm


Paint Mixing Knife Liquitex in SS


Palet cups in stainless steel with lids


Palet cups in solventresistant plastic with lids


Palet cups in aluminium


Dosing pipet transparent 3 ml per 10 pcs


Bottle with dosingpipet 20 ml per 2 pcs


Aersol / spraybottle 40 ml set of 2 pcs


Dropflask 30 ml with mixing / shuttle 'stone' for airbrush paint.


Pump dispenser for solvents in brown glass 100 ml


Painting stick - hand rest in aluminum


Brushholder in black synthetic fabric with velcro closure


Bamboo Matt to store Brushes with cotton inlay


Mixing / stirring woods set / 5 pcs


Artist's Protective Handshoes cotton per pair


Protective glove TEGERA for precision jobs per pair


Protective glove FINE for high precision jobs per pair


Colourwheel diameter 13cm


Plastic jar semitransparant


Plastic bottle in HDPE solventresistant with lid


PET bottle 100 ml with sealed cap


Jar 40 ml in PE


Pharmacy bottle 250 ml in glass