Mixing paint


Pigmentbox with 27 mini-jars 4.2 ml


Pigmentbox with 32 mini-jars 7.5 ml - empty


Pin miniature fan brush www.obeeliks.com


Glass Muller with handle, dia 35 mm h 40 mm


Glass Muller with handle, dia 50 mm h 60 mm


Glass Muller with handle, diameter 50 mm height 115 mm extra large handle


Glass Muller with handle, dia 75 mm h 90 mm


Glass Muller with handle, dia 100 mm h 130 mm


Glassplate matt polished surface 20 x 30 cm 10 mm thick


Porcelain mortar


Leonard black liquid soap for optimum brushcare 300 ml


Leonard Clean Mat - cleaning mat for artist brushes


Winsor&Newton Tear-Off mixingpalette for oil and acrylics 24 cm x 37 cm, 50 sheets


Winsor & Newton Artists' Picture Cleaner 250 ml


Paint Mixing Cups with 5 sloping pans and 5 cups


Mixingpalet in plastic - oval


Palet box Paletti 1


Palet box Paletti 2


Set of 2 palets for acrylics


Plastic palette - rectangular - 25x32cm


Plastic palette - rectangular - 34.5 x 23.5 cm


Paint Mixing Knife Liquitex in SS


Palet cups in stainless steel with lids


Palet cups in solventresistant plastic with lids


Palet cups in aluminium


Dosing pipet transparant 3 ml per 5 pcs


Bottle with dosingpipet 20 ml per 2 pcs


Aersol / spraybottle 40 ml set of 2 pcs


Dropflask 30 ml with mixing / shuttle 'stone' for airbrush paint.


Pump dispenser for solvents in brown glass 100 ml


Painting stick - hand rest in aluminum


Brushholder in black synthetic fabric with velcro closure


Bamboo Matt to store Brushes with cotton inlay


Mixing / stirring woods set / 5 pcs


Artist's Protective Handshoes cotton per pair


Protective glove TEGERA for precision jobs per pair


Protective glove FINE for high precision jobs per pair


Colourwheel diameter 13cm