Rubber comb four sided / WHITE


Advance 9" woodgraining comb set 3 pcs


Rubber for woodgrain imitation 9 cm x 6 cm 4 mm thick


Checkroller for woodgraining


Comb in stainless steel for use with a veinette


LEONARD Steel Combs set 12 pcs for woodgraining 800


Linen for woodgrain imitation - lintfree


A.R.T Calcutta Bristle Pure Dragger / Flogger 99


A.R.T Pure Bristle Slightly Domed 74A


A.R.T Synthetic Spalter 100AQ


A.M.I Synthetic Spalter nr 140


Liquitex Freestyle Synthetic Spalter


LEONARD 50/50 Synthetique / Bristle sash brush 10 RO


LEONARD Golden synthetic fibre fan brush 20 EV


LEONARD Dark burgundy synthetic fibre fan brush 30 EV


LEONARD Synthetic fibre toothed brush 50 CR Expression Line


LEONARD Synthetic fibre toothed fan brush 50 ED Expression Line


7600 Escoda sash brush Chungking Bristle


7501 Escoda Restore sash brush Chungking Bristle


7601 Escoda Restore sash brush extra short handle Chungking Bristle


2370 Escoda Flat square mottler short length single thickness CLASICO Series White Chungking premium bristle


8135 Escoda Pipe Overgrainer / Veinette Chungking Bristle


8155 Escoda Codtail Overgrainer Chungking Bristle


8247 Escoda Flat square spalter long haired double thickness NATURAL series Chungking Bristle


LEONARD Bristle sash brush 67 RL


LEONARD Bristle sash brush 380 RB


LEONARD Bristle sash brush 685 RO


LEONARD Bristle Flecking Brush 185RD


LEONARD Badger hair fan brush 273 EV


LEONARD White bristle fan brush 276 EV


LEONARD Pure Kolinsky sable hair fan brush 277 EV


LEONARD Dark burgundy synthetic fibre fan brush 278 EV


LEONARD Black bristle flogger 373 PL


LEONARD Bristle fan-top grainer or Veinette 374 PL


LEONARD Pure Bristle Mottler 375PL


LEONARD Bristle mottler with notches 376 PL


LEONARD Brown Ox hair mottler 379PL


LEONARD Spalter Synthetic white bristle Serie PANTERE 500SP


LEONARD SIMILHAIR beige synthetic mottler 3680 PL


LEONARD SIMILHAIR beige synthetic mottler with notches 3681 PL


LEONARD Bristle Fan-top grainer 3740PL


LEONARD Bristle fan-top grainer with notches Veinette 3744 PL


LEONARD Grey synthetic Similhair fibre pipe over-grainer 3759 RO


LEONARD Bristle pipe over-grainer 3760 RO


LEONARD Burgundy Similhair fibre pipe over-grainer 3768 RO


LEONARD Ox hair large brush 8001 PL


W.O.L Cutter Mixed Hair / Camel Very Short


W.O.L Hog Hair Cutter


W.O.L Hog Hair Mottler


Painting stick - hand rest in aluminum


Set for woodimitation / acrylics


Set for woodimitation / oil paint


Set tools foor woodgraining


Brush set for wood imitation in acrylics SHANE RALPH