Airbrush Materials and Accessories


Sparmax Silver Bullet Mini Moisture Trap


Sparmax Cleaning Station


Sparmax Spare filterset


Sparmax Airbrush holder for 2 airbrushes


Electric eraser + 5 spare tips


Set of 10 spare tips for Electric eraser


Set of 10 spare hard tips for Electric eraser


50-570 Just-a-Dab Cotton swabs Medium


50-580 Just-a-Dab Cotton swabs Fine


128503 Airblower Micro Air Blow Gun


300667 Miniature cleaning brushes for airbrush / Set 5 pcs


117403 Harder & Steenbeck Nozzle Cleaning Device for Evolution / Grafo / Colani


LEONARD Kazan Squirrel Striper 5079 PS for PINSTRIPING


Createx Masking Film Mat Low Tack 30 cm x 4 m


Deltec Masking Tape Gold Washi 25mm x 50m


Deltec Masking Tape Purple Washi 25mm x 50m


Createx narrow masking tape 1, 2, 3, 6 and 10 mm


FBS PT43 Flexible Micro masking tape 0.76 / 1 / 1.26 mm


FBS PT43 Performance Maskingtape Yellow 1.6 / 3.2 / 6.4 mm


Koh-I-Noor Charcoal pencil : Black or White


110193 Harder & Steenbeck Holder in Moduletechnology for all brands of airbrushes


110203 Harder & Steenbeck Extension for Holder in Moduletechnology


110273 Harder & Steenbeck Airhose 1 m for Holder in Moduletechnology


104673 Harder & Steenbeck M5 closing--off screw for Holder in Moduletechnology


110251 Harder & Steenbeck Insert for Colani for Holder in Moduletechnology


126953 Harder & Steenbeck Holder for Evolution ,Silverline, Grafo, Infinity


126963 Harder & Steenbeck Holder for Colani


Saral Transfer paper 36.6 cm wide per roll 3.6 m


Stencil Cutter with very fine tip


Stencil Cutter / Spare Tip


Polyesterfoil Translucent


AMI Repositionable Glue Spray 400 ml


Scalpel cutter Excell


Scalpel / Spare blades nr 11 for scalpel Excell / 5 pcs


Italgraph Aluminium measure / ruler 50 cm


Olfa CMP-1 Circlecutter 1 to 15 cm / with 6 spare blades


Olfa Circlecutter 15spare blades


Cuttingmat GREEN A4 format in selfrepairing soft plastic


Cuttingmat TRANSPARANT A3 format in selfrepairing soft plastic


Cuttingmat BLACK A3 format in selfrepairing soft plastic