Airbrush Materials and Accessories


Sparmax Silver Bullet Mini Moisture Trap


Sparmax Cleaning Station


Sparmax Spare filterset


Sparmax Airbrush holder for 2 airbrushes


Sparmax Airbrushholder for 4 airbrushes




Electric eraser + 5 spare tips


Set of 10 spare tips for Electric eraser


Set of 10 spare hard tips for Electric eraser


50-570 Just-a-Dab Cotton swabs Medium


50-580 Just-a-Dab Cotton swabs Fine


128503 Airblower Micro Air Blow Gun


300660 Miniature Cleaning brushes for airbrush


300667 Miniature cleaning brushes for airbrush / Set 5 pcs


117403 Harder & Steenbeck Nozzle Cleaning Device for Evolution / Grafo / Colani


LEONARD Kazan Squirrel Striper 5079 PS for PINSTRIPING


6550 Escoda Longliner Pinstriping Squirrel Necksbreaker


6551 Escoda Pinstriping Petit Gris Eekhoorn Necksbreaker


Createx Masking Film Mat Low Tack 30 cm x 4 m


Deltec Masking Tape Gold Washi 25mm x 50m


Deltec Masking Tape Purple Washi 25mm x 50m


Koh-I-Noor Charcoal pencil : Black or White


110193 Harder & Steenbeck Holder in Moduletechnology for all brands of airbrushes


110203 Harder & Steenbeck Extension for Holder in Moduletechnology


110273 Harder & Steenbeck Airhose 1 m for Holder in Moduletechnology


104673 Harder & Steenbeck M5 closing--off screw for Holder in Moduletechnology


110251 Harder & Steenbeck Insert for Colani for Holder in Moduletechnology


126953 Harder & Steenbeck Holder for Evolution ,Silverline, Grafo, Infinity


126963 Harder & Steenbeck Holder for Colani


Saral Transfer paper 36.6 cm wide per roll 3.6 m


Stencil Cutter with very fine tip


Antex Stencil Cutter / Spare Tip


Polyesterfoil Translucent


AMI Repositionable Glue Spray 400 ml


Scalpel cutter Excell


Scalpel / Spare blades nr 11 for scalpel Excell / 5 pcs


Scalpel / Spare blades nr 10 for scalpel Excel / 5 pcs


Italgraph Aluminium measure / ruler 50 cm


Olfa CMP-1 Circlecutter 1 to 15 cm / with 6 spare blades


Olfa Circlecutter 15spare blades


Cuttingmat GREEN A4 format in selfrepairing soft plastic


Cuttingmat TRANSPARANT A3 format in selfrepairing soft plastic


Cuttingmat BLACK A3 format in selfrepairing soft plastic


Dropflask 30 ml with mixing / shuttle 'stone' for airbrush paint.


Aersol / spraybottle 40 ml set of 2 pcs


Bottle with dosingpipet 20 ml per 2 pcs


Colourwheel diameter 13cm


Artist's Protective Handshoes cotton per pair


Disposable Respirator Mask FFP3