Paints, mediums and ageing products for modelmaking ALKYD ( Quickdrying OILPAINT - WHITE SPIRITbased)

Take a look at the colourchart :
Winsor&Newton Griffin Alkyd-Oilcolour Colourchart
Fastdrying oilpaint alkydbased ( +- 8 hrs).
Mix with Liquin to obtain excellent glazes for decorative painting and faux finishes.
Thin with : White Spirit

Winsor&Newton Griffin 37 ml Serie 1


Winsor&Newton Griffin 37 ml Serie 2


Bronze powder 25 gram Burnishing Quality


Winsor&Newton Artists’ Matt Varnish 500 ml


Winsor&Newton Artists’ Satin Varnish 500 ml NEW


Winsor&Newton Artists’ Gloss Varnish 500 ml