Complete sets for decorative painting in oils and acrylics

These sets have an interesting price : a 9% reduction compared to the prices of the individual products.


Brush set for wood imitation in acrylics SHANE RALPH


Brush Set for marble imitation / acrylics SHANE RALPH


Set for woodimitation / acrylics


Set for woodimitation / oil paint


Set tools foor woodgraining


Set for marble-imitation / acrylics


Set for marble-imitation / oil paint

Now Only

Set for Murals


Set for trompe l'oeil / acrylics


Set for trompe l'oeil / oil paints


Gilding set for Instacoll, Mixtion and Permacoll gilding


LEONARD Golden synthetic fibre brush 20 PS SET


LEONARD SET 12 pcs Golden Synthetic 20 RO


LEONARD Synthetic fibre brush Similhair burgundy 31 PS SET


LEONARD SET 7 pcs Golden Synthetic 1158 UB


Brushset Synthetic A110 Set 1


Brushset Synthetic A110 Set 2


Brushset Synthetic A115 Set 1


Brushset Synthetic A115 Set 2


Brushset Synthetic A150 Set 1


Brushset Synthetic A155 Set 1


Brushset Synthetic A160 Set 1


Brushset Synthetic A165 Set 1


LEONARD Retouche brush Kolinsky Sable 77 RO SET


LEONARD SET 8 pcs Similhair Coral 80 PL