Fresco painting

Fresco painting

Pigments in this section are resistent to chalk/limeputty.

Marblepowder up to 32 µ per 1 kg

LEONARD Bristle Fresco Brush 642 RO

LEONARD White bristle brush. Round 1189 FP

LEONARD Bristle sash brush. 6795 RB

Dosing pipet transparent 3 ml per 10 pcs

Aersol / spraybottle 50 ml set of 2 pcs

Painting stick - hand rest in aluminum

Paint Mixing Knife Liquitex in SS

Pigmentbox with 32 mini-jars 7.5 ml - empty

Glass Muller with handle, dia 35 mm h 40 mm

Glass Muller with handle, diameter 50 mm height 115 mm extra large handle

Glass Muller with handle, dia 75 mm h 95 mm ca 300 gram

Glass Muller with handle, dia 100 mm h 130 mm

Glassplate matt polished surface 20 x 30 cm 10 mm thick