Hansa Pro-Color airbrushverf

Hansa Pro-Color airbrush paint

  • Pro-color is an airbrush paint produced made in USA with the best pigments and high-quality acrylic resin polymers to meet the most advanced requirements.
  • Use with the smallest nozzles (0.15 mm).
  • Extremely fine pigmentation
  • Excellent coating results and brilliant shine.
  • Excellent adhesion to paper, cardboard, acetate (model building), plastic and metal
  • Ideal for illustrations, model building, textiles, customization and many more applications.
  • Bottles with droplet dosage and mix stone.
Pro Color Airbrush Colourchart


Pro Color Opaque 30 ml


Pro Color Opaque 125 ml


Pro Color Transparent 30 ml


Pro Color Metallic 30 ml


Dropflask 30 ml with mixing / shuttle 'stone' for airbrush paint.