Bone glue pellets 250 gram

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Bone glue, made of animal bones was in general use among cabinetmakers for centuries
There are significant arguments for the use of bone glue:
•The bond can be dissolved by applying heat, even after a hundred years.
•Repairs can be easily made, and mistakes - everyone makes them - easily corrected, in contrast to white glues. The work needs only to be warmed, the pieces separated as the bond softens, a little moisture applied as needed, the pieces rejoined - and the mistake is corrected!
• The glue beads in their solid form have a virtually unlimited shelf life. Even prepared glue solutions that have been dried out for years can be made usable, in most cases, by warming and adding water.
• The glue dries hard and does not form a skin as white glues do. As an organic product, it is more fitting for wood than a synthetic.
• It is environmentally friendly and can be used without fear of harm.

Preparation :

Pour some glue beads into a regular water glass, to about mid-level. Pour water over the glue beads to just cover them. Let the mixture sit overnight.

Heat a pot of water and place the glass with the dissolved glue into the pot; stir the mixture occasionally. The glue will be ready for use in just a few minutes; it can be thinned with water if necessary. Do not boil the glue; if it comes to a boil, it may become unusable.

Use a brush to apply the glue (the ferrule should be made of non-ferrous material, e.g., brass or aluminum)or a small piece of veneer.