Molotow Smart Refill Marker Starter Kit 211EM

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Refillable Marker set for Liquitex Professional Acrylic ink! and GOLDEN HIGH FLOW paints, ink, silkpainting and other thin fluid paints or dyes. With the enclosed 'Refill Extension' grey ring it is possible to  refill the marker without dirty fingers or spills. After first filling or replacement of the tip : pump a few times with the tip on a sheet of paper to start the paintflow into the fiber tip and ready to go. While working : shake the marker now and then to allow the enclosed glass beads to homogenise the filling.

With the MOLOTOW refillable marker you can draw ultra fine / fine / medium  lines in your preferred paint without spills

Content of  Starter Kit 211 EM :

 • 2 x 211EM refillable markers ( 4 mm rounded tip )
 • 5 x replacement ( 1 x Round Tip 4 mm, 2 x High Flow Tip - yellow - 4 mm, 2 x Calligraphy Tip  2-5 mm )
 • 2 x Refill Extension Series B
 • 1 x Refill Extension Series B Free


 The idea of the new MOLOTOW™ Refill Extension ring has totally revolutionized the refill technology of our pump markers. Never again greasy hands and even the mixing of new color shades becomes child’s play. Every MOLOTOW™ pump marker of the series 100/200/400/600 and 700 can be upgraded with the MOLOTOW™ Refill Extension ring now. At a time where raw materials are rare and prices are increasing, the MOLOTOW™ painting tools, with exchangeable tips and refill function, are not only a cheap solution, but they also guarantee SUSTAINABILITY – MADE IN GERMANY.

How to use the Refill Extension : ( see pictures )

* screw off the marker head

* carefully pull out the pumping valve

* screw the Refill Extension onto the marker body

* insert pumping valve into Refill Extension

* screw the marker head onto the Refill Extension - and done !