Molotow Refill Extension Serie A

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Refill Extension for all refillable MOLOTOW markers of serie 100.

After installing refilling  becomes easy with no more dirty hands !

 The idea of the new MOLOTOW™ Refill Extension ring has totally revolutionized the refill technology of our pump markers. Never again greasy hands and even the mixing of new color shades becomes child’s play. Every MOLOTOW™ pump marker of the series 100/200/400/600 and 700 can be upgraded with the MOLOTOW™ Refill Extension ring now. At a time where raw materials are rare and prices are increasing, the MOLOTOW™ painting tools, with exchangeable tips and refill function, are not only a cheap solution, but they also guarantee SUSTAINABILITY – MADE IN GERMANY.

How to use the Refill Extension : ( see pictures )

* screw off the marker head

* carefully pull out the pumping valve

* screw the Refill Extension onto the marker body

* insert pumping valve into Refill Extension

* screw the marker head onto the Refill Extension - and done !