Silicone Moulding Rubber RTV Obeeliks W22+ Transparant Hardener / Shore 22 / set 5.25 kg

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Set contains : 5 kg component A (siliconebase ) + 250 grams component B ( Transparent ).

RTV Two component Polycondensation Siliconerubber TIN-based transparent catalyst.
Flexible with dimensional stablility and good mechanical properties.
Ideal for castings in plaster, cement, polyester, epoxy, polyurethanes, waxes..
Curing time can be shortened when using Cure Accelerant  (see 'Fast Hardener' in this section ).
Temp resistance : up to 250 ° C
Storing  : 1 year in closed container between 10°C - 25°C.
Can be thickened with 'Universal Rubberthickener' or Thickening Agent THIXO
Can be diluted - to reach lower Shore hardness - with 'Diluant for Siliconerubber '.

Mixing Ratio (by weight) : 5 B : 100 A ( use a weighscale )

Potlife : 40 minutes
Demould after : 2 to 24 hours depending ( see 'Fast Hardener' for more info on this )
Final strength after : 3 days
Shore A hardness ASTM 2240 : 22
Elongation at break  (%) : 520
Viscosity component A : 15000 mPa.s
Viscosity component B : 20-40 mPa.s
Colour Component A (siliconebase) : white
Colour Component B (catalyst standard) : transparent
Shrinkage : < 0.3% / Heat resistance : uo to 250°C maximum.

Storage silicone base : 1 year + in closed packaging in a dark and cool place.

Storage moulds : unlimited in a dark and cool place.


Stir the silicone mass well before use.
Clean the surface of the piece to be formed and, if necessary, coat it with a release agent, for example : Mold Release spray,  Vaseline or brown soap solution.
Mixing ratio 100 parts by weight of silicone rubber + 5 parts by weight of hardener.
A faster hardener is available and can be mixed with the standard hardener to the desired hardening time.
Mix well and if possible bleed under vacuum for 1 to 2 minutes, under no circumstances longer than 5 minutes.
Pour out in a thin stream to prevent air inclusions.
Curing at room temperature 23 ° C depending on the amount of hardener used.
Higher temperatures and air humidity accelerate, lower temperatures slow the hardening time.
Possibility to apply in layers: by adding 5% thixo thickener a thicker mix is obtained which can be used vertically with running down.

Benefits :

A silicone rubber with high accuracy, resistance and strength.
Moulds can be used for a long time.
The standard hardener guarantees an extended service life.
The hardening can be accelerated considerably by using the 'Fast Hardener'.
Low costs due to the large number of castings that one can make.
Recommended for pieces in plaster, wax, polyester or polyurethane.