8603-1 Escoda Watercolour Artist Set Charles REID

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  • Contains : Serie 1214 Escoda watercolour and wash brushes.
  • Reserva series ; brushtype 1214 nr 6, 8 and 10.
  • Kolinsky Tajmir Sable of superior quality.
  • Stifness Kolinsky Tajmir hair on a scale from 1 to 6 : 3 ( scale : 1 = soft / 6 = stiff )

The hair type in this set:

RESERVA series contains KOLINSKY-TAJMIR hair:

This type of hair is considered to be the absolute top for watercolour. Escoda only selects the best hairs of the male martens for these brushes. These originate from the region around Tajmir in the extreme north of Siberia. They form a perfect point and have an incredible fluid-retention capacity.

Charles REID

Charles Reid is an artist, teacher and author known around the world.
His use of beautiful clean colour and his capture of light create a look of freshness and spontaneity that immediately captures the senses and draw you into his work.
He has authored eleven books on painting directed toward students of all levels.
His drawing skills are masterful.