Kölner Permacoll HA Size Clear for metal leaf

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Kölner Permacoll Size HA method:

This is the adhesive for the imitation gold / copper / aluminum sheets and bronze powders.
Indoor application only.
The dry Permacoll HA layer remains permanently sticky; therefore no time limits for posing the leaves.
Permacoll Size HA has superior adhesive strength compared to normal Permacoll Size, making it particularly suitable for gold / copper and aluminum imitation sheets which are thicker than gold leaf.
The clear variant is suitable for all types of imitation leaves.
The dried product layer keeps exactly the right amount of adhesion until the sheet is applied.
Permacoll HA gives a medium shiny look to imitation leaves.
Treated surfaces must not be exposed to strong mechanical stress.
Permacoll Permacoll Size HA is water-dilutable and can be applied to all types of non-absorbent textured or smooth surfaces.
The sealant 123a is first used for absorbent surfaces.
This product is a solution for the constraints of time and planning that we meet with the traditional oil mixtions of 3, 12 and 24 hours.
Even after a few days, the posing of leaves is still possible.

Simple gilding with Kölner Permacoll Size




Substrates must be dry, free of grease and dust.
First impregnate absorbent surfaces such as plaster and wood with Sealer 123a.
This impregnating agent is diluted with tap water in the ratio sealer: water 1:2 to 1:3.
When the sealer is dry, the Permacoll Size is applied in one layer with a soft-haired brush.
Surfaces that do not absorb, such as varnished wood or plastics, can be treated directly with Permacoll Size.
After a drying time of approximately 1 hour, any type of gold leaf can be applied.
Once applied the gold leaves are lightly rubbed with a dot of cotton wool.
Permacoll size is supplied in colorless, black and red.
The red Permacoll is extremely suitable for easily simulating a polished gilding.