Pigmentbox with 32 mini-jars 7.5 ml - filled

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Pigment box with 32 mini-jars with lid. Box with crystal clear hinged lid; made of plastic.
External dimensions: L x W x H: 217 x 115 x 35 mm.
Contains 32 mini-jars of 7.5 ml of which 23 are filled with following dry pigments :

1Alizarine Crimson 
2Cadmium Red Dark
3Cadmium Red Light
4Yellow Orange
5Cadmium Yellow Medium Hue 
6Cadmium Yellow Light Hue 
7Cadmium Yellow Lemon Hue 
8Terre Verte - Green Earth Clay
9Burnt Umber
10Raw Umber
11Burnt Sienna
12Raw Sienna
13Yellow Ochre
14Ivory Black
15Emerald Green Hue
16Chromium oxide green
17Phtalo Cyanine Blue
18Ultramarine Blauw
19Cobalt Bleu
20Titanium White
21French Ochre Sahara
22Red Oxide
23Van Dijck Brown