Obeeliks Ceramic casting powder

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Plaster containing ceramic filler material.Very hard and dense after drying. Dries to a bright white colour.Excellent pourability, copies even the smallest details.
Can be used outside after applying 2 layers of acrylic sealer ( on ALL sides).

Obeeliks Ceramic Casting powder is a powder resin of natural origin, with a very fine granulometry, which after
stoichiometric mixing with water (= accurately weighed out) can be poured into various shapes.
It is characterized by an exceptional smoothness and high fluidity to reduce the use of vibrations during use.
This particular consistency, from mixing to completion of pouring, makes it possible to obtain artifacts that look similar to ceramics.
- extreme surface hardness.
- very accurate reproduction of details.
- free of air bubbles.
- without shrinkage, with an extremely limited expansion (avoids the formation of stresses in the extraction of the manufactured articles from the molds).
- fast curing


Obeeliks Ceramic Casting powder is especially recommended in sectors such as:
Restoration, visual arts, modeling, for the production of objects of the highest quality (sculptures,
dioramas, favors, decorative objects, figurines, models).
The product is also used in the construction sector where it is used for the construction of architectural elements and in construction
parts of prestigious buildings (columns, capitals, rosettes, etc.)


Colour White
Mixing ratio: ml / g 26 - 28/100
Mixing time (sec.): 120 (manual) / 60 (mechanical)
Workability time (min): 10'-12 '
Setting Time (Vicat) (min): 13'- 15 '
Demoulding time (min): 45 '
Resistance to compression (1h / 24h) (MPa): 38/60


Taking into account the stated mixing ratio, pour in distilled water and then the powder in
a suitable and clean container and let it rest for about 10 seconds to allow absorption.
Mix by hand for about 20 seconds to homogenize, then mix with a mechanical stirrer for 60 seconds.
If the mixture seems a little dense at first, do not add water, but keep mixing.
Pour into the mold taking care not to exceed the working time to ensure homogeneous crystallization.
Do not remove the product from the mold earlier than 45 minutes after mixing.


Please note, the plaster does not like moisture, avoid excessive exposure to air.
Any change in water temperature and / or hardness can alter the above times, which were
detected with deionized water and gypsum at a temperature between 21-25 ° C (50-77 ° F).
Higher or lower temperatures can speed up or slow down processability and cure times, respectively.
Do not inhale the dust.
In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of running water.
Wear appropriate eye protection during all cutting and finishing phases