Moulding Accessories


Universal Release Agent VCB Trennspray 400 gr


Helmar Silicone Aerosol H4000 300 gr / Release Agent


Mixing / stirring woods set / 5 pcs


Wooden spatulas 125 x 15 mm x 2 mm / box 100 pcs


Mixing container transparant without lid / 10 pcs


Measuring cups in different sizes


Disposable Brush


Ideefiks Glass Fiber Matt powderbound 300 gr/m². Per square meter


Cutting Wire for clay with 2 wooden handles


Dosing pipet transparent 3 ml per 10 pcs


Plastic syringe 60 ml with needle


128503 Airblower Micro Air Blow Gun


Artist's Protective Handshoes cotton per pair


Woodcarving chisel and gouges set 12 pieces


Handleiding Maltechnieken - Jan Lermytte


Rabbit-skin glue in pellets 400 grams


Bone glue pellets 250 gram


Fish glue pellets 350 gram


Modeling Wax NAKIPLAST per 650 grams


Protective glove FINE for high precision jobs per pair


Rigostep Skylt Ultramatte 2 Component varnish


Obeeliks Acrylic Sealer for plaster 100 ml


Plastic jar semitransparant


Plastic bottle in HDPE solventresistant with lid


PET bottle 100 ml with sealed cap