Liquitex Acrylic Mediums

Paints, mediums and ageing products for modelmaking ACRYLICS ( waterbased )


Golden Fluid Acrylics 119 ml


Liquitex Professional Acrylic Ink 30 ml

Now Only

Liquitex Professional Airbrush Acrylic ink! 150 ml


Liquitex Professional Soft Body Acrylics 59 ml


Liquitex Professional Soft Body Acrylics 237 ml


Sennelier Abstract Fine Acrylics 120 ml


Golden Fluid Interference Acrylic Colors 30 ml


Bronze powder 25 gram Burnishing Quality


Dropflask 30 ml with mixing / shuttle 'stone' for airbrush paint.


Golden Acrylic Varnish with UV filter - non yellowing - 473 ml


Winsor&Newton Artists’ Matt Varnish 500 ml


Winsor&Newton Artists’ Satin Varnish 500 ml NEW