Tapes, glues and tools for modelmaking


Brushholder in black synthetic fabric with velcro closure


128503 Airblower Micro Air Blow Gun


Artist's Protective Handshoes cotton per pair


Deltec Masking Tape Gold Washi 25mm x 50m


Deltec Masking Tape Purple Washi 25mm x 50m


Universal masking tape Crêpe 50 m


AMI Repositionable Glue Spray 400 ml


Rabbit-skin glue in pellets 400 grams


Fish glue pellets 350 gram


Bone glue pellets 250 gram


Colourshaper - Series 14500 / extra firm / black silicone /ANGLE CHISEL


Colourshaper - Series 14300 / extra firm / black silicone / CUP CHISEL


Colourshaper - Series 14200 / extra firm / black silicone / CUP ROUND


Colourshaper - Series 14100 / extra firm / black silicone /TAPER POINT