Complete sets for decorative painting in oils and acrylics

These sets have an interesting price : a 9% reduction compared to the prices of the individual products.

Set for woodimitation / acrylics

Set for woodimitation / oil paint

Set tools foor woodgraining

Set for marble-imitation / acrylics

Set for marble-imitation / oil paint

Set for Murals

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Set for trompe l'oeil / acrylics

Set for trompe l'oeil / oil paints

Brushset Synthetic A110 Set 1

Brushset Synthetic A110 Set 2

Brushset Synthetic A115 Set 1

Brushset Synthetic A115 Set 2

Brushset Synthetic A150 Set 1

Brushset Synthetic A155 Set 1

Brushset Synthetic A160 Set 1

Brushset Synthetic A165 Set 1


LEONARD Golden synthetic fibre brush 20 PS SET

LEONARD SET 12 pcs Golden Synthetic 20 RO

LEONARD Retouche brush Kolinsky Sable 77 RO SET

SET consisting of 4 brushes : 1 x n° 2/0 + 1 x n° 1 + 1 x n° 3 + 1 x n° 4.

Ideal set for precision work ( modelmaking, dollpainting, finepainting, trompe l'oeil ) with OIL or ALKYD paints

LEONARD SET 7 pcs Golden Synthetic 1158 UB

LEONARD SET 8 pcs Similhair Coral 80 PL

LEONARD SET 10 pcs Similhair Coral 80 RO

8605-2 Escoda Watercolour Artist Set Joseph ZBUKVIC Set 2

Limited Edition