Waxes , natural glues, additives and fillers


Beeswax colourless 100% pure per 250 grams


Carnaubawax bleached per 100 grams


Rectified Turpentine Van Eyck 500 ml


Rabbit-skin glue in pellets 400 grams


Bone glue pellets 250 gram


Fish glue pellets 350 gram


Fish Glue liquid concentrated Sennelier 250 ml


Chalk White Blanc de Meudon 100 gram


Chalk White from Champagne 500 gram


Pumice powder 500 gram


Wet slaked lime putty for intonaco fresco


Marblepowder up to 32 µ per 1 kg


Damar resin jar 100 gram


Preservative Sennelier 60 ml


Modeling Wax NAKIPLAST per 650 grams