Vergulden - Kölner Poliment vergulden / KGGG systeem

Gilding - Kölner Poliment water gilding / KGGG system / interior use

Poliment gilding according to the Kölner KGGG system. With this system you can make a high-quality polishable poliment gilding. The system consists of 3 products: Step 1. An impregnation / sealing agent, Step 2. a one-pot primer / bole and Step 3. an installation / size agent. All components are water-dilutable and are applied cold, this saves you time and you always have good adhesion between the different layers. A poliment gilding that cannot fail.


Instruction Manual Kölner KGGG system : Kölner KGGG


Kölner Sealer 123a KGGG system STEP 1


Kölner Sealer P KGGG system STEP 1


Kölner Fond KGGG system STEP 2


Kölner Colnasol 10 gram KGGG system STEP 3


Kölner Colnafix KGGG system STEP 3


Kölner Classic Poliment 1 kg glueless, wet


Kölner Permacoll Patina brown 100 ml