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KGGG fond
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Instruction Manual Kölner KGGG systeem : Kölner KGGG

The Kolner KGGG System is a unique and remarkable ready-to-use water gilding system for a wide variety of surfaces without the need of a underlying gesso base.

Kölner KGGG gloss gold ground is a complete, cold-to-use, well-polishable polishing system for applying gold leaf and silver leaf.

The system was developed in order to contrast the old and time-consuming method of classical poliment gilding with a simplified but qualitatively equivalent method, that of a one-pot system priming.

Chalk soil, adhesive solution and poliment layer are no longer required, as is repeated heating.

The three components are a surface sealer, KOLNER 123-A SEALER or SEALER P, the ready-to-use KOLNER BURNISHING CLAY and a gilder’s size made from COLNASOL GEL CONCENTRATE or COLNAFIX. No heating is required and the system can be applied and worked on over a period of several days.

All components are water soluble and applied cold. So you safe time and get a good adhesive for each layer always.
Detailed processing instructions enclosed with the product - a water gilding that will always succeed !

Important note: A poliment gilding is not suitable for outdoor use!

Brief description of the poliment gilding according to the Kölner KGGG System

The system consists of 3 products:

1. An impregnation / sealant,

2. a one-pot primer-bole and

3. a gilding size agent.


Kölner KGGG system component Step 1

Sealer 123a and sealer P. This is diluted with water and used to impregnate and insulate absorbent surfaces. E.g. when gilded on wood, plaster or stone


Kölner KGGG system component Step 2 (FOND)

The foundation is a water-dilutable cold-to-use one-pot primer and replaces the chalk layers and poliment layer from the traditional system. These can be applied directly in the right color or combinations of colors. Usually 4 to 6 layers are applied depending on the relief. A sprayable version of this product is also available for industrial applications.

After drying polish with  a damp cotton cloth then use a dry cotton cloth to reacha high shine.



Within the KGGG system, a different type of gilding size is used than with a traditional system. Colnasol, a concentrated composition of animal glues in tablet form, is mixed with warm water, allowed to cool and processed cold. 1 tablet is good for 500ml of application agent. Tablets can be divided in smaller portions to prepare smaller volumes. Colnafix is a ready to use solution of the Colnasol product.

After applying the gold leaf, observe the drying time for 24 hours and then polish to a high gloss with an agate stone at any time, even after months.