Acrilino Glaze 1 liter

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Acrilino Glaze is a new water-based glaze developed in accordance with European standards.
In collaboration with teachers and painters / decorators, this product was developed in 2018 and has been extensively tested in the "field" - both for training and for projects, such as wood imitations, marble imitations and other decorative techniques.
The water glazes commercially available to date do not fully meet the requirements of the professional painter and do not generally meet the requirements of the maximum European VOC values ​​(amount of solvent allowed).

The goal:

The objective was to develop a glaze with the properties of an oily product but with the advantages of a water-based product.
The glaze is like an oil and can be easily softened with a badger brush - preferably synthetic.
Transparent techniques are easy to apply, layer after layer, with the 'open time' required to work at ease.
The glaze can be handled in a pleasant way and can be mixed with all water-based paints, traditional water-based paints (acrylics, latex, pu acrylics ...) and dry pigments .
The glaze does not yellow.
The composition of the glaze complies with the directive of less than 200 g / VOC per liter required by the EU and the requirements for health and safety at work.
The glaze is odorless.
Acrilino is an acrylic product with oily properties. The name Acrilino says it all: 'Acril' is derived from acrylics and 'Lino' from linseed oil.
Acrilino is applied using brushes designed for acrylic techniques; in the segment of decorative techniques we already know the synthetic fiber Similhair marketed and used for the production of artist brushes and decorative painting by Leonard in France.
This famous French manufacturer sells this type of brushes such as veining brushes for marble, brecheurs, multi headers and chiqueteur brushes that you will find elsewhere on our site.
In the Acrilino range, we now also have available - newly developed - a synthetic badger softening brush and a set of excellent long haired brushes for veining using a mixture of toray hair and squirrel for a better paint capacity.
Availability of Acrilino products:

The news of the new Acrilino product is rapidly spreading among the world's decorative painters.
The product is tested everywhere and the reactions are very positive.
Currently work is being done on the labels, the logo, the website, the packaging, etc.
You can already buy the product via our website.
Packaging and labeling are still temporary.
The official introduction of the product will take place at the International Salon of Decorative Painting (the 'Salon' - the international event of painters decorators) to be held in France in Chamonix this year in April.

Our school Ideefiks vzw organizes - at the beginning of May 2019 - a weekend 'introduction to the imitation of marble' where you will have the opportunity to work with Acrilino.
In autumn 2019 we will organize a weekend 'introduction to imitation wood' with Acrilino.
For more information, visit our website for courses and trainings:

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