Brushes / Specialty Brushes

Catalogue LEONARD 2018 :

CAT 2018

Catalogue ESCODA 2018 :

CAT 2018


Kölner Synthetic brush flat long Toray extra soft


6527 Escoda Deletrista Lettering brush Tendo Synthetic Squirrel


6525 Escoda Deletrista Lettering brush Tendo Synthetic Squirrel


8135 Escoda Pipe Overgrainer / Veinette Chungking Bristle


8155 Escoda Codtail Overgrainer Chungking Bristle


2370 Escoda Flat square mottler short length single thickness CLASICO Series White Chungking premium bristle


8247 Escoda Flat square spalter long haired double thickness NATURAL series Chungking Bristle


6014 Gilder duster Round domed. Polecat / Fitch


4450 Escoda Bright Flat MARFIL Series Chengdu strong white Synthetic Fiber


1526 Escoda Watercolour travelbrush Ultimo


6550 Escoda Longliner Pinstriping Squirrel Necksbreaker


6551 Escoda Pinstriping Squirrel Necksbreaker


8605-1 Escoda Watercolour Artist Set Joseph ZBUKVIC Set 1


LEONARD Spalter Synthetic white bristle Serie PANTERE 500SP


Brush set for wood imitation in acrylics SHANE RALPH


Brush Set for marble imitation / acrylics SHANE RALPH


Acrilino 2800 Liner Prof mix Toray - Squirrel- Lettering and marbling brush


Acrilino 3000 prof Acrylic Badger brush in synthetic hair


1469 Escoda Prado Watercolour and Marbling brush Synthetic Sable


1530 Escoda Watercolour and wash brush Ultimo Synthetic Petit Gris Squirrel


1130 Escoda Watercolour and wash brush Kazan Petit Gris Squirrel


5707 Escoda Ceramics and Porcelain brush Squirrel


6115 Escoda Lettering and Filleting XTR long brush Ox hair


6835 Escoda badgerbrush 4 rows of pure Badger


7600 Escoda sash brush Chungking Bristle


7501 Escoda Restore sash brush Chungking Bristle


7601 Escoda Restore sash brush extra short handle Chungking Bristle


7701 Escoda Restore stenciling brush Chungking Bristle


8401 Escoda Restore spalter double thickness Chungking Bristle


Pin miniature fan brush