Kölner Permacoll HA Size Clear for metal leaf


Kölner Permacoll HA Size Red for metal leaf


Kölner Permacoll HA Size Black for metal leaf and silver leaf


Kölner Classic Poliment 1 kg glueless, wet


Kölner Classic Oil Mixtion 12 hrs


Agate Burnishing Stone nr 2


Agate Burnishing Stone nr 4


Agate Burnishing Stone nr 5


Agate Burnishing Stone nr 6


Agate Burnishing Stone nr 7


Agate Burnishing Stone nr 8


Agate Burnishing Stone nr 40


Agate burnishing stones protective etui


Kölner Aquasize - waterbased size for metal leaf


Kölner Permacoll Size Black


Kölner Leaf Protect- acid free clear varnish for metal leaf


Kölner Gilderstip, golden synthetic, double thickness


Kölner set gilding brushes and tools for Instacoll Gilding


Gilding set for Instacoll, Mixtion and Permacoll gilding


Kölner Classic Oil Mixtion 3 hrs


DecorGold® Metal Effect Paint


Liquitex Professional Acrylic ink! 30 ml Metallic


Kolner Golden synthetic 0,07mm filament mottler


Kölner Gilding Knife Stainless Steel polished doublesided cutting length 14 cm


Kölner Gilding Knife High-grade steel polished doublesided cutting length 19 cm


Kölner Gilding Knife Professional forged steel polished single edged cutting length 14 cm