decoratieve schildertechnieken

Decorative Painting Techniques


Glass Muller with handle, dia 100 mm h 130 mm


Pounce wheel 2.1 cm diameter


Sennelier Abstract Fine Acrylics 120 ml


Sennelier ABSTRACT Applicator set 8 pieces


Sennelier Gloss Varnish and Medium pack 120 ml


Sennelier Acrylic Gesso pack 120 ml


Sennelier Acryl Modeling Paste Pack 120 ml


Sennelier Flow 'N Dry alkydmedium


Sennelier Acrylic Varnish MAT with UVLS non yellowing non removable


Sennelier Acrylic Varnish gloss with UVLS non yellowing non removable


MILLIPUT White Epoxy 2 component putty


Rigostep Skylt Ultramatte 2 Component varnish


Brush set for wood imitation in acrylics SHANE RALPH


Brush Set for marble imitation / acrylics SHANE RALPH


Acrilino Glaze 1 liter


Acrilino 2800 Liner Prof mix Toray - Squirrel- Lettering and marbling brush


Acrilino 3000 prof Acrylic Badger brush in synthetic hair


Linen for woodgrain imitation - lintfree


1469 Escoda Prado Watercolour and Marbling brush Synthetic Sable


AMI Pure Unbleached Linseedoil 250 ml


Pigmentbox with 32 mini-jars 7.5 ml - empty


Pigmentbox with 27 mini-jars 4.2 ml


Glass Muller with handle, dia 35 mm h 40 mm


Glass Muller with handle, diameter 50 mm height 115 mm extra large handle


Glass Muller with handle, dia 75 mm h 90 mm


Comb in stainless steel for use with a veinette


Rubber comb four sided / WHITE


Pump dispenser for solvents in brown glass 100 ml


Protective glove TEGERA for precision jobs per pair


5707 Escoda Ceramics and Porcelain brush Squirrel


6115 Escoda Lettering and Filleting XTR long brush Ox hair


6525 Escoda Deletrista Lettering brush Tendo Synthetic Squirrel


6835 Escoda badgerbrush 4 rows of pure Badger


7600 Escoda sash brush Chungking Bristle


7501 Escoda Restore sash brush Chungking Bristle


7601 Escoda Restore sash brush extra short handle Chungking Bristle


7701 Escoda Restore stenciling brush Chungking Bristle


8401 Escoda Restore spalter double thickness Chungking Bristle


Advance 9" woodgraining comb set 3 pcs


Leonard Clean Mat - cleaning mat for artist brushes


Deltec Masking Tape Gold Washi 25mm x 50m


Deltec Masking Tape Purple Washi 25mm x 50m


W.O.L Hog Hair Mottler


Porcelain mortar


Bottle with dosingpipet 20 ml per 2 pcs


Aersol / spraybottle 40 ml set of 2 pcs


Set of 2 palets for acrylics


Liquitex Professional Acrylic Varnish, non yellowing, non removable


Palet cups in solventresistant plastic with lids


Palet cups in aluminium


Palet cups in stainless steel with lids